Commercial and Residential Water Damage

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

Water can cause severe damage to homes and commercial properties. Water damage needs to be cleaned up immediately. There are several reasons quick cleanup is so vital to getting your property back to normal. When you call in a water damage restoration contractor, you’ll get a thorough evaluation of the damages and the repairs that need to be completed. You’ll receive an estimate of the cost and help to deal with your insurance carrier so the work can begin right away.

Water Damage Repair

Type of Flooding

If your home was flooded by water from inside the house, this is the least serious of the water damage incidents. While the water is clean, it will still cause more damage if not cleaned up right away. Standing water can quickly damage your beautiful wood flooring causing it to warp. It only takes a few hours for mold to take advantage of the humid, moist environment the water furnishes. All this assumes the water is not from sewage overflow. Sewage must be cleaned up, and then the entire area must be disinfected.

Natural Flooding

When natural flooding occurs, this can cause serious damage to any home or commercial property. Flooding from streams, lakes or rivers causes more damage because it is known as black water and will most likely be contaminated. This can cause health issues, plus it makes cleanup much more difficult. You will need the help of professionals who have the training and proper safety equipment to deal with this type of flooding.

Some Additional Problems Flooding Can Cause

  • Foundations – There are many times that water damage can cause problems with your foundation. If this occurs and it is not serviced correctly, you can end up with more problems in the future. If there is damage to the foundation and it is not repaired right away, you run the risk of losing your home altogether. The foundation has to be one of the first things to fixe because the foundation is holding the structure up and a weak or bad foundation can be dangerous for anyone living or working inside the structure.
  • Walls and Internal Structures – Water will often damage your walls or other internal structures that need to be repaired right away to prevent additional structural damage. Moisture left inside the walls is an open invitation to mold. Once mold sets in, that’s a whole new expensive problem. Professional water damage restoration contractors make sure all moisture is completely dried out to complete the process.